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September, a time for ‘Teshuva’

By | September 13th, 2015 | LEAVE A COMMENT

September is a month of movement and change.  It also includes two of the biggest Jewish holidays of the year, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  So much chanphoto (43)ges during this month, staff are leaving to go back to university, while others are changing shifts to accommodate their classes.  Even our customers are adjusting to New Beginnings and a start of the new school year.  All this change can be very stressful on those of us just trying to work day to day in the business. Change means adapting to new staff, new customers new ways of doing things.  Never easy!

In the Jewish religion, this turn of the calendar back to September’s new moon, is recognized by a very big holiday called “Rosh Hashanah” ( New Years) and as well, Yom Kippur (day of Repentance) which follows about a week  later.

During this holiday period, Jews are asked to do ‘Teshuva’, which refers to reviewing where they have transgressed over the past year.  These transgressions can be related to thier relationship with others, with the earth, with themselves.  During this holiday we are obligated to review where we have gone wrong and try to ‘repair’ the harm we have done.  Were we unfair to our friends? Did we take something the is not ours. Did we pour toxic chemicals into the drain knowing it was wrong to do? We are obligated to review and to start a process to repair our wrong doings.

At Solly’s we are always trying to look back , review, and move forward better than we did in the past.  This is tough for a small business such as ours where even the smallest change affects everyone.  It is easy to get cranky to customers, to take short cuts, to use too much water, to throw food out that could go to the needy, to snap at our fellow employees .  We must endeavor to repair where we have gone wrong and to make good.

Wishing all our Customers and friends  a Shana Tova! A year of Sweet Beginnings and Change for the betterment of the world and of each other!



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