Yummy Chicken Soup!


What could fill your tummy, warm your body, sooth your soul and cure what ails you more than Solly’s Chicken soup?  Our pure “Golden broth” is made with only a few ingredients (chicken, garlic, onions, salt, pepper & a few vegetables) and is simmered for hours and hours just until the flavor is rich and full bodied.   With no additives, preservatives or thickeners, Solly’s Chicken soup is exactly what it is, and that’s where the curative powers come from.  Chicken soup has been lauded for many curative properties such as reduction of inflammation in nasal passages, thinning of mucous, protein building to comfort sore weakened muscles during illness.  Many argue that any soup can do the same, but who could dare argue with countless Jewish mamas who have been lovingly preparing this special hot broth for centuries……..

So what are Matzoh balls then; and why are they always found floating in Chicken soup?  These delicious balls or dumplings are an innovation probably developed for the holiday of Passover many many years ago.  They are made with ground Matzoh crackers (which give them a slightly nutty taste), eggs, and oil. While it is traditional to cook the Matzoh balls directly in the chicken soup, Solly’s has chosen to prepare them in boiling water to be added later in the soup of your choice so they can be eaten by vegetarians.

The Combination of Matzoh balls and Golden Chicken broth begins most Jewish holiday meals including Sabbath meals every Friday evening. Unlike other heavy chicken soups made with thickers and noodles, Jewish Chicken soup is a  clear broth and is not mean to fill the tummy but to wet your appetite for the delicious holiday meal following and the Matzoh balls are an added bonus!

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