Welcome to Hot Bagel Mama’s New Blog!

Welcome to Hot Bagel Mama’s new blog!  And what better time to startblogging than just before Rosh Hashanah, or Jewish New Year’s.  This year it is the earliest it has been since 1899! Lucky us! This is because our Jewish Calendar follows the moon cycles and this year the moon is a little meshuganeh (crazy) and everything is early!

So let me tell you a little bit about Rosh Hashanah. It is a very important holiday for Jewish people. Families are brought together to celebrate the Birthday of the world. This year, according to the Jewish calendar we are celebrating the year 5774.  And no, this is not a typo.  Our calendar started a few years early than most! Traditional prayers are recited in Jewish synagogues during this two day Rosh Hashanah holiday.  The shofar (ram’s horn) is sounded at synagogue services throughout the world and festive foods are eaten.  Like other Jewish religious holidays, Rosh Hashanah incorporates symbolism into the customs of the holiday. Two important symbols used this holiday are “sweet” and “round”. It was traditionally thought that what you ate would influence your year”.  Jewish people stay away from salty, bitter and sour foods during this holiday, and place an emphasis on sweetness. It is tradition to dip apples in honey to symbolize a sweet year. Apples and honey based desserts such as apple cake, honey cake, poppy rolls, fruit rolls,  at Rosh Hashanah often complete this sweet symbolism. Round is another symbol used this for this holiday. Round Challah is made to symbolize cycles, the cycle of a new year, the cycle of life.  So come on in to Solly’s and have a little taste of New Year’s.  And when you see some someone buy a round challah or honey cake, wish them a “shana tova u’metuka”, a good, sweet year.

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